Only you know the true definition of “Success”

Sarang Brahme
2 min readSep 25, 2022



Earlier this week, I woke up (relatively) early on Saturday and sat at my workstation after taking a bath at 10:30 AM. My wife thought I was going crazy since this isn’t my regular lazy Saturday morning routine. As we’re gearing up for TASCON, India’s largest recruiting conference, on 30th September — I was looking forward to completing a few pending tasks I planned earlier. I’m driven and inspired to work as a core team member to put this conference together. This is my way of connecting, learning and giving back to recruiting community that I love so much.


I love Dice Media’s “Little Things” series by Dhruv Seghal and Mithila Palkar. The new season was unveiled on Audible a few days back. I could find myself laughing and thinking peacefully as I made my walkathon round to my society as a routine. People who saw me laughing alone must be thinking about my head going cuckoo! I didn’t care.

When I reflect, these little moments are the ones I define as “Success”. The fact that I could enjoy what I love satisfies me beyond hygiene factors like “Gaadi-Bungalow-Car”.

Although most often or not, if you see others (sometimes including you) talking about someone’s success, it’s those worldly things that people could see with the naked eye.

“It’s easy to put a “template” to success so others think they can replicate.”

I realised that everyone, based on their upbringing, inspirations, experiences, and a whole lot of things we may not understand, has a very different definition of “Success”. The LinkedIn posts of entrepreneurs talking about establishing a profitable company, people putting insta pictures of foreign holidays, and so many other instances have been grossly under-representative of what “success” really means to someone.

So next time, ask yourselves what brings peace, satisfaction, and contentment when no one is in the room. Make sure you find time to do those things. There is no better judge of success than YOU. Success is a momentary thing!



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