Talent, Tech and AI — HackerRank and ET HR World Event 2024

Sarang Brahme
3 min readFeb 15, 2024


The HackerRank and ETHR World Innovator Awards and AI Summit showcased an intriguing and practical use case for the TA community. Here’s my experience of the wonderful event yesterday.

Bengaluru is all about experimentation, and yesterday, I experimented with travelling 15 km on my bike rather than taking an Uber for the event. In conclusion, I will only say that it’s a test of your patience either way. You choose which one is your thing! (Maybe for some other blog :D)

Vivek Ravishankar, co-founder and CEO of HackerRank, kicked off his talk about AI by delving into the age-old man vs. machine debate since the early 1900s and its impact on the job market. He simplified AI in terms of data (which is exploding), algorithm (evolution from heuristic to reasoning), and computation (10 Bn Petaflops, do Google or ChatGPT). He talked about how AI is flipping the script on the Creative > Cognitive > Mechanical equation, which was supposed to be the other way around. It all led to a conversation about the impact of Gen AI on developers and how GitHub is already providing Gen AI capabilities that will disrupt traditional coding.

This brought up the question, what will be the role of a developer in the age of co-pilot and other Gen AI eras?

The HackerRank team showcased demos of their new product launches by their product teams. I loved how they brought their product team on the dais rather than just marketing or sales teams. HackerRank Engage will provide a new virtual hackathon experience to attract, brand, and hire developers. HackerRank NextGen Hiring will bring real-time coding experience to the interview and assessment process. SkillUp will be a GenAI tutor to help developers build their learning and grow their careers. Pretty neat!

The entire event was hosted by Ada (AI host), although Aadil Bandukwala brought in his energetic and engaging hosting skills at the award show, which was phenomenal. You always inspire me, Aadil.

The event gave me an opportunity to connect with my ShareChat TA team members beyond work. Also, I got to meet a lot of new and old folks within the industry.

The surprise: We got our event photos delivered to WhatsApp within minutes of clicking using AI.

Thank you, HackerRank and ET HR World, for indeed a great event!

Glimpses from the event



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