The most interesting International Women’s Day Talent Campaigns on my LinkedIn Feed

Sarang Brahme
3 min readMar 8, 2024


It’s 10 PM, and all the marketing guns are already blazing over one of the most marketed days on the calendar, International Women’s Day. I quickly scanned my LinkedIn feed to uncover some less-talked-about but standout campaigns.

To me, storytelling triumphs over any other form of content marketing on a day like this since it’s all about humans. Yes, we should celebrate every day as Women’s Day, and yet, a day like this nudges us as a reminder to push the envelope further. The best way to inspire human emotions is through stories of impact.

Here are a few campaigns I came across worth noting. I’m sharing them since they may not be the most viral, but they are very interesting.


Women are often compelled or expected to decide where they put themselves second for obvious reasons. Sometimes, these obvious reasons become the glass ceiling to limit the growth path. What I loved about this Flipkart video was how seamlessly this bias was addressed through a heartfelt women leader story. The story, script, and execution felt so natural; the next time you hear the phrase, you will recall this story. (I saw this story thanks to Pallavi Nanda, who heads D&I for Flipkart)


Although calling out women’s biases as a D&I campaign theme may seem like a pattern, it only works if you integrate it with solid examples beyond preaching. Apna’s campaign does this simply yet effectively by highlighting women’s “cooking” skills, which are applied to roles, with real-life examples. Real-life employee stories will always be more impactful than usual D&I posts. (Thanks to Piyush Raghuvanshi, I discovered this story)

Life At Miro D&I Story

Creating an employer branding video is no less complicated than making a short film. Although user-generated content brings authenticity, it needs a marketer’s vision to fill the empty canvas with a story that moves. That’s precisely what I felt with the Life At Miro D&I video. As the employee narrates her story, she takes you on a journey regarding her role, challenges, internal movement, and many more. As a candidate, you envision yourself in these stories if you connect. At the same time, even if the EB function struggles to get big budgets — this video proves you can create an excellent video with a good story. (Thanks to Janani Vijayakumar, who commented on this video, I discovered it)

Employee Advocacy — ServiceNow

It creates a different impact altogether when the employees themselves narrate the story. In this LinkedIn post, one of the senior execs shares her work experience in her current/past organisations and tags another woman who helped her in her career. It’s authenticity and gratitude that shine here. Imagine having your employees talk about their experiences without any marketing gimmick; that’s where the trust is built. (I can’t seem to remember how I discovered this story, but kudos to my network)

Humor works — Zlade.

Stories are great, but employees love benefits! In fact, rewards/benefits always rank high in the stack ranking of what employees expect. This straightforward, no-nonsense, and fun post from Zlade works because it pinpoints what employees love — a half-day leave on Friday! It gives them a moment to cherish IWD Day with their family, friends, and colleagues. (I love Nikhil Narayanan’s content. His posts brighten up my feed.)

Now, I don’t claim these posts are the best ones out there, and I am sure you can find many such videos/stories/posts. Thanks to my network, these were simply the ones that popped up on my feed.

If you have seen any interesting and impactful D&I talent content today that stands out to you, please comment on this post and share. It’s how we all learn and improve! I hope some of these posts inspire you to innovate and build better stories and content next time to attract diverse talent.



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