Sarang Brahme
1 min readSep 20, 2023

What is so different about this job posting by a CTO?
For me, the answer is in the last 2 lines.

📍 He promised a quick interview with “feedback”. This is something every candidate expects despite the result. The candidates can use the feedback to either fine-tune the search or improve their interviewing techniques. So, a CTO promising quick feedback is a differentiator.

📍 Code on prod on day 1. This is a bid deal for developers since they can see the business impact and learn on the go.

What is the moral of the story? The length of your JD or presentation may not matter as much as how you make a targeted, impactful, short and sweet pitch!

Best practice: Always ask your hiring manager to summarize the JD as a sales pitch. It helps to build differentiators and gives more arsenal to recruiters to start conversations with candidates. It’s far better than a “Rajanikant 😎 “ job description with 15 skills listed. Remember, a candidate’s attention span is no more than a goldfish.

Would you agree? What else makes the job posting unique/effective?

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