Why is Cisco training their employees to be brand influencers?

Sarang Brahme
2 min readJul 19, 2023

Simple answer — your employees are the most trusted brand advocates than multi-million celebrities. Period!

Your “Talent” is your true brand! No more a secret.

What does Cisco know that other companies don’t know?

Cisco’s Chief People Officer heading up this mission makes it more people-centric than just a marketing tactic. In the end, social media is just a tool. Still, the secret sauce is employee experience, a sense of belonging and employee loving their organisation so much that they are willing to share their stories externally.

Making your employees brand ambassadors is beyond helpful for TA teams, as employees will always have a larger network and influence in the market. I remember Dell having a social media certification for their employees (link in the comment). Once you put up trust with your employees, they become your ambassadors and influencers. This is exactly why employee referrals are the most efficient and quality source of hire. Your employee knows what kind of talent thrives in the organisation.

Although it all starts with your leadership, the leaders in the organisation need to set up an example and be open and transparent in their approach.

If you want to improve the brand, give an irresistible experience to your employees, engage them in brand building and watch your brand goes north!

And yes, folks who still need convincing, there is enough data out there. A real change needs conviction and intent, which is based on what you believe and does not always come from data.

Go out and build your data & story!



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